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    Nov 15, 2007 For two years now, Guitar Hero has ruled the music genre with a fret-blazing iron fist. That reign is now contested by Rock Band, which

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    Reusing many gameplay elements from the Guitar Hero series, Rock Band players use peripherals modeled after musical instruments to simulate the performance of rock music.

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    Earlier today we wrote about music games startup JamLegend joining the deadpool. JamLegend aimed to compete against biggies Rock Band and Guitar Hero and was shut ...

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    Dec 07, 2015 · The rhythm music genre is once again alive and kicking. But should you pick up Guitar Hero Live or Rock Band 4?

  • I am comparing the Guitar Hero games and the Rock Band games. I will give the Pros and Cons of each. Guitar Hero Pros: Guitar Hero has many games to chose from. If ...

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    Reviving the once-believed-to-be-dead rhythm genre, Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 have been rivals ever since plastic guitars in the living room became the new fad.

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    In the blue corner, we have Rock Band, and in the red corner, we have Guitar Hero. Who will win this epic battle between these music phenomenons?

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    The war of the plastic instruments is here once again, as the two major franchises that filled your living room with massive controllers and dreams of rock stardom ...

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    After initially shunning the idea of the full band game, Activision caved, and decided to bring the Guitar Hero franchise up to par with the release of Guitar Hero ...

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    To save rhythm game fans the headache of figuring out which instruments work with the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series', the Guitar Hero World Tour community ...

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    Sep 13, 2010 · Since our brief glimpses at E3, we've managed to pick up Rock Band 3's new Pro guitars a few times -- both live on the Engadget Show and otherwise -- and ...

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    We're on the cusp of a new battle of the videogame bands. Two reports say Harmonix is gearing up to re-introduce its Rock Band series this year, and longtime rival ...

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    In an E3 already overshadowed by game-changing Wii controls, two new music simulators stole the show. After four songs with each of the bitter rivals, it looks like ...

  • Guitar Hero and Rock Band are still the two biggest names in rhythm gaming, but they're not as similar as they used to be.

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    Elsewhere, outside of the songs and in the menus et cetera, Rock Band 4 has more of an indie-band feel, whereas Guitar Hero Live is extremely slick.

  • Music games have returned and the battle off the brands is back on. This October it's Rock Band 4 up against Guitar Hero Live. And of the two it's Activisio…

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    Nov 27, 2007 · Rock Band and Guitar Hero III are both some completely awesome music games and they offer some great choices for gamers but there is some serious confusion ...

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