• FREE GUITAR MENTOR - Official Site

    Welcome to Free Guitar Mentor! Hi there! You have entered the wonderful world of the guitar. My love affair with this instrument is directly traceable to Sunday ...

  • Country Song Teacher

    This is a digital download easy to play songbook with lyrics and chords of 50 popular worship songs I have taught over several years. Link will be emailed upon purchase.

  • Blues Guitar Learning Path - TrueFire

    Welcome to Learn Guitar 2: Next Steps for Beginners. In Learn Guitar 1: First Steps for Beginners, you learned several essential chords, a variety of rhythm patterns ...

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    Watch the Praise in 10 Days DVD, the Learn Guitar 2 DVD and Praise in 10 Days Piano DVD for life for just $20.

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    July 6, 2010. What is a Guitar Lick – a Simple Must-Know Definition Among Easy Guitar Lessons

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    Guitar notes chart, diagrams & lesson. Learn & master your fretboard. With free printable pdf of the guitar neck showing all note names. For any guitar.

  • B Major Guitar Scale – How to Play it - LearnGuitar2.com

    The B major guitar scale. It's a simple one, but to be frank all basic guitar scales tend to be that way. You can master any scale in a couple of hours.