• Top 5 Pedal Steel Guitars - The Steel Guitar Forum

    Emmons Franklin Carter Zum MSA Millineum. Lots of others but these would be my guess of the top guitars in todays market for up to date modern steel guitars.

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    SGN Tuning Wrench For The Pedal Steel Guitar - 50 Wrenches. These are the standard pedal rod connectors that the majority of pedal steel manufacturers use.

  • What's the best seat for pedal steel? - The Steel Guitar Forum

    At the risk of public ridicule, I admit to using a piano bench seat that I bought at Guitar Center for $35.00. I only use the steel for 3-4 songs per set so I don't ...

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    GHS electric guitar strings come in a variety of sets. Our GHS guitar strings include Brite Flats, Big Cores & Coated Boomers. GHS strings ship fast – Expert service.

  • Get the guaranteed best price on Lap Steels like the Gretsch Guitars Electromatic Lap Steel Guitar at Musician's Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on ...

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    "Lap slide guitar" does not refer a specific instrument, but refers to a style of playing guitar with the instrument resting on the performer's lap or otherwise ...

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    An eight-string guitar is a guitar with two more strings than the usual six, or one more than the Russian guitar's seven. Eight-string guitars are less common than ...

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    Steel Guitars of North County offers a wide selection of pedal steel guitar sales and accessories to go along with your new pedal steel. View some of our inventory ...

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    Hawaiian lap steel guitar strings are available in many different tunings. We carry string sets designed for G, High bass G, D, Am, Am6, Am7, C6 and C7 tunings.

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    The Alternative Guitar and Amplifier Company. The Flash. The Loar