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    The effectiveness of combining Epiphone and Gibson expertise and experience with Asian production efficiencies ushered in a new era for Epiphone and brought about ...

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    Who can tell me anything about Morris guitars, especially steel string, model WJ 20S, no. 809213.

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    Introduction and "What type of Gibson guitar do I have?" Before collectibility and value can be determined about a Gibson guitar (and before you email me asking ...

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    Long before Les Paul started thinking about solid body electric guitars, the Gibson company – then located in Kalamazoo, MI – was known as one of the premier ...

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    Note: MIH. The Q&A column (now renamed FAQ to conform to I'net practice) was one of the most enduring and popular features of Mugwumps magazine. Before you email your ...

  • While the world of guitar rock, admittedly, is male-heavy, a number of female players have risen to the top over the years, proving women have just as much aptitude ...

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    In this section you will find many fine shops. If you know of a shop that is not listed here, please contact me with the information. The US shops are ordered by state.

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    MODE D'EMPLOI: Cet argus est une orientation sur les tendances des quotations maximum utilisées pour des questions d'assurances et autres évaluations de collection.

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    There are several reasons to buy a Gibson guitar and every year thousands of people throughout the world do so. Gibson has been making guitars for over 100 years now.

  • Note-for-note, Steve Jones just may be the most influential rock'n'roll guitar player ever. Whaaaaaat!? Did I really just write that? Yes I did, and here's why ...