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    Did you know? One of the best things you can do when learning pedal steel is to hang out with other players. Join a local steel guitar club, listen to their concerts ...

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    Are there any books written covering the development of the Pedal Steel Guitar and it's history? I haven't found any. This article is the most informative that I ...

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    The pedal steel guitar is usually tuned to either E9 or C6 - or both in the case of a double neck, but there are other tunings.

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    Lap Steel Guitar Instructional DVD lessons & custom made steel lap guitars for sale. Contact GeorgeBoards for lapsteel guitars, information, & extras.

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    Introduce yourself to the world of pedal steel guitar! Order your GFI S-10 SM Pedal Steel Guitar from Sam Ash Direct today for the guaranteed lowest price.

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    Emmons Franklin Carter Zum MSA Millineum. Lots of others but these would be my guess of the top guitars in todays market for up to date modern steel guitars.

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    At the risk of public ridicule, I admit to using a piano bench seat that I bought at Guitar Center for $35.00. I only use the steel for 3-4 songs per set so I don't ...

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    Sometimes it's the woman behind the man that makes him great -- how many of these female steel guitar players do you know?

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    Lloyd Green Tuning Seminar (MP3, 21:54 minutes long, Texas Steel Show, October 1992) Slide Rules (tunings for non-pedal steel guitars, book available, by Andy ...